Sunday, June 29, 2008

Google Ad Planner: A nice start

So this week, my favorite company, Google, announced another new, free, tool: Google Ad Planner. The idea is you can found out which sites your target demographic is likely using, then plan an online advertising campaign to reach the maximum number of eyeballs in your demographic. It's a Beta Test, limited to agencies. I submitted our name, and lo and behold, I was accepted! I spend the weekend trying it out, and on the surface, it is not as sophisticated as it sounds. (I am sure the back end technology is astoundingly complex). Bottom line, it just took a few minutes to research sites for clients.
Downside: It doesn't allow for geo-targeting, meaning you can't pinpoint which sites users in a specific geographic area are using. That makes its usefulness limited when a client draws on a local clientele. I think I found a way around it for now, but I can't wait for improvements.

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